Wouldn't be beneficial to share one forum by people with living experiences of bipolar and caring for a person with bipolar?


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I believe that people touched by bipolar in any way, living with the condition, carers, families, even bipolar dedicated professionals could benefit from being part of the same forum.


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Thats why we have this Carers section.
I am a huge advocate of sharing information to better help all people affected by bipolar.
We are currently setting up our Carers group (again) where people can talk about Issues specific to carers.
Will let you know when that is up and running.
Welcome to the forum!


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When will we have carer community forum? No matter face to face or Zoo session, I would like to learn more .


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I would absolutely love that.......desperately need that support and better understanding in so many ways. Any help would be appreciated 😽


Bipolar Carers Support Group Facilitator
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Dear Carers,

I hope that this message finds you well during these certainly different and challenging times? I wish to advise you that the Bipolar Carers Support Group started up again on 04th February via Zoom. This is being run by the Mental Health Foundation of Australia (VIC) in conjunction with Bipolar Life.

Last year due to the Coronavirus, this support group lay dormant, mainly due to the restrictions that were in place during the lockdown in Melbourne and Victoria.

This group will be held on the first Thursday of each month, except for January. Please note that the first two meetings in February (Thursday, February 04th) and March (Thursday , 04th March) will be held online via Zoom from 07:00pm - 08:30pm.

This group is open to carers, partners, family and friends of loved ones who have Bipolar Disorder.

** It is important to register to attend the group, please register here - https://www.mhfa.org.au/SupportUser.aspx

An email will be sent to you with the Zoom link for the meeting upon registration by the Support Group Officer at the Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Hopefully things will continue to go well in Melbourne and Victoria in regards to controlling Coronavirus cases and the group will move to face to face meetings again from Thursday, April 01st. These will be held from 07:00pm - 8:30pm at the Mental Health Foundation Australia. The address is noted below;

Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA)
Suite J, 450 Chapel Street
South Yarra, Vic 3141
*NOTE - Enter via Wilson Street down side of building off Chapel Street

FACE TO FACE DATES: (1st Thursday of each month except January 07:00pm - 08:30pm)

01st April '21
06th May '21
03rd June '21
01st July '21
05th August '21
02nd September '21
07th October '21
04th November '21
02nd December '21

This support group is about meeting your needs as a carer of a loved one with Bipolar Disorder and I am open to being flexible in regards to the structure and how the meetings are conducted.

Meetings may include;

- Providing Peer Support to one another through sharing stories and experiences
- Sharing of useful information on Bipolar Disorder (websites, books, factsheets, etc)
- Self care (managing own wellbeing and health)
- Information on Carer Support Services
- Various Bipolar Disorder Topics including strategies for helping loved ones with their Bipolar Disorder
- Guest Speakers (including psychiatrists/psychologists who are experts on Bipolar, Carers Victoria, Tandem - peak body in Victoria for Mental Health Carers), Psychotropic Advisory Service - expert on psychiatric medications, Understanding NDIS, navigating the mental health system and more.

Bipolar Life also have a collection of books about Bipolar Disorder that can be borrowed at "face to face" meetings in the future. Some are more text book style with information about Bipolar Disorder where as other book are real life stories of people in the community who have Bipolar Disorder both here in Australia and overseas.

In the meantime good information about Bipolar Disorder can be found under the RESOURCES section of the Bipolar Life website (www.bipolarlife.org.au)

There is also a FORUMS section which includes a CARERS section which I will be posting information on in the near future. Feel free to register and start talking with other Carers who have a loved one who has Bipolar Disorder;

I have worked in the Mental Health sector, mainly in the community for Not For Profit organisations for over 17 years. My last role at Mind Australia included providing support to family and carers of people in the community who have a mental illness. I did this role for over four and a half years.

If you have any questions about the Bipolar Carers Support Group or Bipolar Life please feel free to send me an email ([email protected])

Matt Dale (Bipolar Carers Support Group)
Bipolar Life

Phone enquiries (Wes): 0499 790 250
Email: [email protected]
Web www.bipolarlife.org.au


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Great work Matt. Thanks.
I have been thinking about a session (maybe via Zoom) where carers and bipolar fighters can get together to see if we can help eachother out.
What does everyone think?