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The Serequel Diet


Staff member
I heard you could gain weight on Serequel.
I worked really hard at staying in the gym and watching what I eat. For 2 years.
I gained slowly over that time.
When I got really ill, i gained 40-50 kg over the next 2 years.
Now I am struggling to lose it.
Yay :confused:


New member
I've been on Seroquel for almost 2 years and I definitely noticed a few kilos of weight gain at first.
It wasn't too severe for me because I'm a pretty skinny guy.
I was going to the gym regularly to combat it before restrictions and that worked well for me.


Staff member
The gym helped me for a while, but as soon as I stopped, I exploded :sadsigh:
Ahh well. Have started moving again...


Yeah, seroquel is terrible for weight. I've been through the gamut of medications and seroquel is one of only a few I've stopped due to side effects. When I got up to 100mg I was so fucking hungry all the time and said that's it for trying a mood stabilisation dose. I take it at 25mg for sleep. Depression makes it hard to keep the weight down let alone adding seroquel.
I hope you have success with the weight loss, Wes. I also need to lose weight. I'm a veteran of both gaining and losing weight. It can be done!