Sincerely Survivor @ Adelaide Fringe - Mental Health Advocacy through the Arts

Hey BL peeps.

Just thought to share the upcoming touring season of Sincerely Survivor at Adelaide Fringe Festival, showing every night from the 19th Feb - 21st March.

Sincerely Survivor seeks to amplify the voices and stories of people who have lived experience of the Victorian Mental Health System. We create art, to enable our empathy; advocating for mental health through the arts. In this work, dancers take on the role of pilgrims, exploring asylums of old. We acknowledge that the experience of mental illness is not representative of someone that is lesser but instead speaks to the strength of the human spirit against adversity.

As we await the findings of the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System, I hope that this work can be a way for people to understand and hold more empathy towards people living with mental illness and or who have experienced the MH system. As a collective of fellow 'survivors', I hope that you might feel a little more held by this work, and that our shared experiences of mental illness, stigma and the system might be a little more understood and advocated for in society.

A portion of ticket sales from this dance film will be going towards the future development of 'Sincerely Survivor the Documentary' which provides a platform for an even more advocacy and diverse discussion between survivors of the MH system.

Tickets can be booked at the link below - please consider sharing within your networks.

Complimentary tickets made available to MH survivors by request - please email [email protected]

Standing beside you in advocacy,