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Hi, recently diagnosed with bp2 after most of my life being treated for depression and anxiety. The passing of my father triggered something and my life spiralled down hill whereby I also seperate from my partner amongst other things. Revolving door at emergency ward of hospital until admitted as an inpatient. Is weight gain like a lot of weight and sedation very common. Am I going to have to push hard to loose weight and be active as I just want to rest all the time.

Amanda C.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
The death of both of my parents triggered my Bipolar 1 diagnosis a couple of years ago, so I can relate to your post.
Many people with Bipolar do have issues with weight gain associated with sedation and antipsychotic medication.
There is evidence that these types of medication do cause its users to be attracted to high calorific, salty, sugary foods.
I hear a lot of people tell me burgers are a whole thing!!
If you have a good relationship with your prescribing doctor, bring it up and see what they say.
Eating right and exercise is hard for just about everyone - especially after the COVID, need to move more myself :)