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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has an extensive list of the medications in Australia that are/have been used to treat Bipolar and other mental health symptoms?

A number of years ago, I think someone posted one on this forum. I found it really helpful to highlight for specialists which medications I had tried, plus a couple of notes on how I had responded to each particular med.

The list was broken up into Anti-depressants, Mood Stabilisers, Anti-psychotics, Sedative-Hypnotics and then non-medication therapies.

Thank you.


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I have a copy of a Chapter from a book called "Psychiatric Drugs Explained" by David Healy. It is in it's Sixth Edition and is published by Elsevier. Chapter 6 and 7 cover the Treatment of Acute Bipolar. Goes from about page 87 - 116. It is very comprehensive. This might not be what you are talking about though???