May lose my job due to having bipolar


Had a manic episode at work. Was reasonable well behaved other than one coworker who I believed was “evil”. There was also some weird spiritual things going on. Thankfully I went to hospital and ceased lithium moments before an likely psychotic break...

As I said, in the workplace I did nothing wrong. (AFAIK). So if I’m fired it will be on basis of bipolar. They may be building evidence to prove it’s not a case of discrimination. Has anyone else had similar experiences, and how have you dealt with it?


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I have lost many jobs due to bipolar.
Bipolar has made me (on occasion) unreliable, disinterested, disorganized, unable to perform tasks, incapable of going outside, the list goes on...
It can affect my work quality and output immensely.
While I have never lost a job for being bipolar (officially), the effects of bipolar have made me an undesirable employee.
Sometimes I am completely unaware that this is happening.
A company with a good HR dept. is the reason I finally got a diagnosis. I had completely fallen apart and couldn't see it.

I have never taken a company to court over it.
I believe this would make me an even less desirable employee.
I tend to slink back home and start looking for another job.
This time I am changing careers too...


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here are some ramblings from me.

you could opt to go on the front foot. make sure you are a union member. Get support in all meetings. If you are not in a fit state to attend the meetings (i.e. you don't think you will represent yourself well), postpone the meeting (and take sick leave on that day). document everything. save emails.

You could go on the front foot and speak of your illness. if the employee dismisses/sacks you, based on your mental capacity, this could arguably be discrimination (I don't want job you do though)..... if you are in a certain discipline where they can prove that your behaviours/illness affect the type of work, then they may have grounds that aren't discrimination.

And I would have thought from a discrimination point of view, they are obliged to find you alternative duties......

not sure if this helps.... but these were my thoughts off the bat
I have lost several jobs due to my condition even though the Employers did not know of my disability. One well known University put me on a Return to Work plan after a short period of illness (not disclosed to them) but sacked me because I was not functioning to full capacity. It took a panel of 5 to determine this even though only one was my direct Report. I have never disclosed my illness and never will because the stigma, analysis and discrimination is rife!