Ignoring people, threads and forums


Staff member
Sometimes you just don't want to see posts from certain members, or don't want to see a certain thread pop up, or maybe you want to ignore an entire forum.

You can do that.

To ignore a member click on their avatar and the options will appear:


Here you can ignore the person. Or you can follow them, or even start a conversation.

If you want to ignore a thread click into the thread and you will see the ignore button. You will still see other threads from the forum, just that thread will not be visible.

If you want to ignore an entire forum click into the forum where you will see an ignore button. If you ignore an entire forum you will not see any of the threads created in that forum. Example, you might not want to see music videos so you can ignore the music video forum.

You can keep track of who/what you are ignoring by going to your profile or clicking on your name:


Here you can see the ignored members, threads and forums and you can unignore them if you want to.