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Happened to have picked a good one!

Amanda C.

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I started seeing a psychologist after experiencing 3 traumatic events in a short period of time.
I needed help processing death and trauma.
Over the following 6 months, I guess she observed traits of Bipolar.
It wasn’t until I had a violent meltdown, that she told my husband, who came along for that visit that she suspected I had Bipolar.
I am thankful to her, as she was able to get me into a psychiatrist with the help of my GP very quickly.
Psychologists are helpful with strategies to assist people with techniques that can complement medication.
I am not seeing a psychologist currently.
My psychiatrist and I have a great rapport and we talk openly about how I’m coping in general.
During a 3 week admission last year I completed daily group psychology sessions, in regards to my Bipolar, I found it ineffective as there was literally no assistance for mania and very little for rumination.
Overall, it has its place, but it‘s effectiveness varies greatly.