Frequently asked questions


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Who owns this forum?
Bipolar Life Victoria inc. owns and operates this forum. We are not affiliated with any other organisation.

Why was this forum created?
If estimates are correct, the amount of people with bipolar disorder in Australia is between 250,000 to 625,000, and worldwide between 7,600,000 and 190,000,000. These numbers are based on estimates of between 1% and 2.5% of general population. However there is not one forum that is exclusively dedicated to the discussion of bipolar disorder. Other forums are broadly mental health based and have sections covering various mental illness, but none of them are focused solely on bipolar disorder. We are the solution to that problem.

Also a forum makes it a lot easier to have meaningful conversations. Great content is saved and doesn't get lost down a feed after a few days. It is easy to search for topics. Their are far more interactions available between members.

What is the purpose of the forum?
This forum is a place where people with bipolar disorder and the people who care for them can come together to be supported, and tell their stories, read others' stories, ask questions and find information across a number of topics.

Who is this forum for?
A diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be upsetting, frightening, isolating and unsettling, not just for the person, but also for others involved in their lives. This forum is for anyone suffering from bipolar disorder and their friends, family and caregivers.

Who can post here?
Although this forum is based in Victoria Australia, we welcome new members from anywhere in Australia or across the globe.

Why become a member?
There are a lot of Facebook or other online bipolar support groups however most of these are not private. Joining a Facebook group, especially a public one, puts privacy in jeopardy and a lot of people want to keep their mental health issues to themselves. In this forum you can be completely private or completely open, depending upon your level of comfort.

Another reason to register is that although you are free to read any thread or post in the public section, you cannot post a message or start a thread unless you have registered as a member. You also cannot start a private conversation with other members or access any of the other premium features and forum sections available to members only. Registration is free and you will not be bombarded with emails unless you choose to receive them in your profile settings.

Should I sign up with my real name?
As discussed above, you are free to reveal as much or as little of yourself as possible. Choose any name you are comfortable with.

Can I get emergency assistance here?
No. We all want to help each other but if you are in crisis please call 000. If you are in Victoria please click here for a listing of crisis assistance. Please understand than none of the advice given here should act as professional mental health counselling. This forum is not a replacement for seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor or other health care professional.

Where can I get help with using the forum?
There are a number of help guides to read here.