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Bipolar Medications and their Side Effects


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Bipolar Medications and their Side Effects[/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL][/UWSL]

Dr Alice Lam - 23rd March 2020

Dr Alice Lam has worked as a GP both in the UK and Australia and has advocated for countless patients. To find out more about her health writing service, please go to


Most people living with bipolar disorder understand the importance of medication in the management of their condition. We know that medications are to be taken lifelong, with a few exceptions. We also understand that they are taken in addition to, not as a replacement for, other treatments such as psychotherapy, healthy lifestyle and a good routine; this includes a good sleep pattern, regular exercise, good nutrition and strong social support.

So, what happens if we don’t treat bipolar disorder in the right way, for instance self-treating? The following scenarios could happen1:
  • More frequent and severe mood episodes
  • Damaged relationships
  • Loss of job or damaged career
  • Money problems
  • Problems with thinking and memory